Monday, November 19, 2012

My First Design Book - Purchased and Read

OK, the title may seem like I wrote a book, but actually I BOUGHT my first Design book and READ it too. You might be thinking WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? But it is, for me, 2 BIG DEALS. First of all, I hardly buy books. I happened to buy few cookbooks, but not by famous authors. They are from clearance rack of Barnes and Nobles and 2nd hand book stores. I never really went to a book store or online looking to buy a book. But Young House Love is different.

I love their blog and following along their book progress. I have to be honest, I wasn't very impressed when I first saw the book cover, but I checked out some of the pages inside at Amazon and loved the ideas they put in and the way they were laid out. So I ordered it. Actually I added it to cart and waited, until I could find something else I need from Amazon to get free shipping on orders above $25. I found another book, cookbook to be specific, that's a different story on a different blog, and ordered it. Went on for a weekend trip to see a friend and they were home when I came back. So exited to see the book that it kind of felt weird to me that I am happy to see a book. I totally loved the book cover after physically seeing it and the hard cover makes it highend. Flipped through it and fell in LOVE with it. But I couldn't read it all that night. It went to my narrow-wobbly-IKEA bookshelf. All my books go there and never leave that shelf. Seriously. I haven't tried a single recipe out of the 20+ cookbooks and magazines I bought.

After a week, when the kid is in bed and hubby too as I completed my nightly chores, I felt like looking at the book's contents. No intension to read till the end, I started with page1. I'll be honest I didn't read everybit of it, like the intro and stuff. But the ideas were so brief, yet well described that I did not feel bored as I would reading any other book. So I completely read it. All 243 ideas. Till 1.50AM.

There, my 2 big deals. I went online looking for a book & bought it AND I read it all.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my first Design book, I mean, YOUNG HOUSE LOVE's design book that I bought.

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