Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day School Gifts & Free Printable

I literally finished these gifts at 10.51 PM last night. I am a planner to certain extent, still I am always rushing things at the last minute. I need to work on it. But these came out really good, thanks to the folks that give free printables of their work.

Weeks ago I browsed Pinterest for non candy school gift ideas and landed here.

After reading through I started to make my own printable on Picmonkey. I followed the pattern from the inspiration but changed up font and added hearts instead of bubbles.

The original printable is lovely as is, but if you need a variation and not in mood to create your own, here is my printable for free download.

Now for the twist, having this printable ready weeks ahead, I thought I had it all under control and didn't finish the project until last night. When I got my bubble tubes from Micheal's on my way back home yesterday (by the way, another perk of procrastination, I couldn't get the colorful tubes as planned, all I could find were white ones in wedding isle) and set to print at 9 PM last night, I was out of white card stock. I only had 4 pieces of card stock and I need to print 30 of these for everyone in the kiddo's class. Since I made the printable at 4X6 size, no way I could use it to make enough. Back to pinterest again, this time to one of the ideas I already pinned. Kaley's Valentines Bubbles were so adorable, simple yet sophisticated.

My 4 pieces of white card stock were just barely enough to make 30 gifts when I used Kaley's printable. Again, thanks to the folks that give free printables of their work. Big help to people like me. That's the very reason I share mine.

Here are the finished ones. I used washi tape to save me a step of punching holes for twine.

See those white lines on the colorful border? That's my printer. Need to change it big time. Now I am glad I didn't use my original printable, because there would have been lines all over it. This size, I could live with it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


It was just a quick update to my hallway gallery. I talked about adding some vinyl text to this wall in this post. This is how it looked.

I found some wooden signs on one of my trips to Micheals and 'Smile' caught my eye. The size was perfect and the script was pretty. It was raw wood, so I painted it bright pink and attached to the wall with sticky foam dots. It truly completes the little gallery.

It looks so pretty I really smile everytime I see it. Later I realized the pink matches with the paintings in the frame next to it. Talk about Happy coincidence!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentines Day Craft - Wooden Dice of hearts

Since its already February, here is a little craft I made in the theme of hearts.

I bought a pack of wooden craft cubes from Michaels and painted white with craft paint. Then I drew hearts using a red fine tip sharpie. You could play with colors and make it look totally different.

It can be used for board games but they are so cost effective, you could use them for school gifts or party favors.