Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Organizing Kids Hair accessories

I love the cute kids hair accessories. I bought a few handfuls of them as soon as knew I was having a girl. I quickly realized many of them won't be useful during her 1st year. So I displayed them on one of the ribbons I saved from cute baby items packages. I just folded the ribbon in half, clipped all hair clips on it and hung it on a wall next to closet using a push pin. But as my collection grew, I had to unfold the ribbon.

Head bands were displayed on a bright pink magnetic flower I bought from Container Store while I was decorating the nursery, using little magnets that came with it.

Slowly that collection grew too and it ended up looking like this.

Couple of hooks from Michaels got the mess under control.

Now it looks like this.

Pretty organized ha... I found many wonderful ideas for hair accessories storage online. Few of my favorites.

I want to recreate this someday. If you have any unique ideas, please share.

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