Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekly Planner - Free Printable

A free printable for folks like me that plan on Friday for the following week. Yup, My week doesn't start from Monday, it starts from Friday and ends on Thursday. Well, that's because I plan on Friday afternoon/evening for the weekend and the work week that follows. You might think why start with friday when I plan late in the day. Well, I complete some tasks on Friday evening like grocery shopping or atleast force myself to complete something around the house because I am usually a night owl on Fridays.

So here it is, for people like me. If you download please leave a comment (you don't have to mention your name, just be anonymous) so I know I have friends that think like me.

Again, it's still an image file, so right click on the image and open in new window or tab. Then right click on the image in new window/tab and save image to your computer. This way you will get a better quality file. I am yet to setup an online file share account so please bare with me.


Blog Header Redesign

When I first created this blog, I created a blog header using Picnik I think, I can't remember for sure. I found a collage template that I filled with some pictures and added my blog title text. Funny, I liked it then. I sized it to my initial blog template and it worked then. But as I gained more knowledge about blogging, my blog looked unattractive. Here is a picture of it.

What I don't like about it?
  • Blog name is not showing properly
  • Colors are dark
  • Pictures shown in there are old and don't really look esthetic.
  • Too tall and not wide enough
As I kept changing my blog template, I figured I liked the cleaner, modern look. So I tried changing the header, keeping in mind the things I wanted to change. Here it is now.

Its not the absolute best of what I wanted, but it looks a lot nicer. I will play with it some more but I think you'll see this for a while until my style changes and I feel like changing the whole look of this blog. I hope it makes you feel more invited to come back to my blog.

Next up, the menu bar below the header and then the social network icons. I better get on social networking before I make those icons. Working on it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Zoo Themed Party - 2nd Birthday

As promised yesterday, I am posting some pictures of our daughter's 2nd birthday. Since the kid was really into animals during her 2nd year, not too much into farm animals as much as wild ones so I decided it would be cool to go with ZOO theme and decorate with stuffed animals and hire a petting zoo. We all had a blast and I can't stop looking at the pictures and feel proud of myself. Here are some for you.

 And some shots of the big girl...

Hope you enjoyed it. Photography by Capture Reality Photography. I will try to write about the details in near future. You can view the 1st birthday pictures here.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quick Washi Labels - Cereal Dispensers

I am obsessed with Washi tape recently so I grabbed a tin full of them from Micheals when they had them for 40% off. Though I like the bright designs, I mainly like the simple ones because I like them to use as labels. This idea to use them as labels is from Jen's blog, I Heart Organizing. After reading her posts, I first used them on my file folders, which I loved. Then came the Cereal Dispensers.

We are not cereal-every-morning people, but we eat them about 3 days a week. Each of us have different choices (I know, just in a family of 3) including my 2 year old, so for now we buy 4 different kinds.

I think you can tell which one is the kid's favorite. I sneak in a 3rd of Whole grain Cheerios (Honey or Plain) in that colorful junk (sorry Fruit Loops lovers!). Mine is the healthy kind and Hubby alternates between Honey Bunches or Cookie crisps.


I just pasted grey Chevron Washi Tape strips (CHEVRON MADNESS still) wrote the names with Red Sharpie. They kept coming off so I added clear tape on top. Now they are going nowhere.

The best part, virtually cost free labels that can be changed when the contents change or mood. I am going to be using these labels a lot more around the house and you will read about them, stay tuned.


Yellow & Lavender Party - Daughter's First Birthday

It has been 1 year 3 months that our daughter turned ONE and I haven't posted about her beautiful birthday party that I worked so hard for. I wanted to write a long post with every little detail so I have been putting it off. She has turned 2, three months ago and I haven't posted about either of the parties. So I thought its time to atleast post some pictures of the 1st birthday party. I am so proud of it because I worked day and night for more than a month to put this together, most of which is designed/made by me. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

And the pretty girl ....

That's it, just pictures. Pictures by a local Photographer Kymberley Day. I will post the details soon, hopefully. Before that I will show you some pictures of the 2nd Birthday tomorrow.

Update: You can see 2nd Birthday pictures here.