Monday, April 29, 2013

Kids Rewards Chart - Free Printable

Happy Monday all. Last week I happened to make a rewards printable for my coworker for her son. Her son liked it very much and her daughter wanted one too, so I made a girly version of it. Here are the samples.

You can download the blank ones below and fill them up per your needs.

These are image files, you can right click on them and save to your drive. I am still trying to get an online account for sharing pdfs. Until I have that in place, please email me at LOVE2DECORATEBLOG@GMAIL.COM if you prefer a pdf. I will send it to you. No Charge! It's Free!

Hope you find them useful. Have a great week.

Friday, April 19, 2013

$1 update to Changing Table

We scored a used changing table on craigslist for $20 three of days after our baby was born. Thanks to my brother for picking it up. I was planning on using her dresser as changing table initially. When we came home with baby I realised we I need a place to change her diapers in our Master bedroom temporarily and tried to move her dresser to our room. It felt very inconvenient and that extra piece of furniture made the room tight. So I looked up on craigslist for a cheap changing table since I thought it will be a temporary fix for the diaper situation. I found one, it was so useful it stayed for over 2 years and we ended up changing diapers in our room all these years. I have plans to use is for storage once it out grows kiddie needs, but even for now, it is the best $20 I ever spent and I got a huge bang for my buck with it.

This was how it looked all these years.

The setup worked great, housing all diaper essentials, lotion, laundry bin, a space heating fan and occasionally my laptop. But after seeing it in same condition for 2 years, I was bored and ready to get it out of the room.

On my recent not-at-all-necessary trip to Target I bought couple of wired baskets and a roll of wrapping paper from the dollar section. I liked the chevron pattern (told you I am on the CHEVRON madness lately) and the colors in it. I didn't know what I would do with it but I bought it anyway. Next day when I was tidying up the room it sparked that I could line the changing table shelves with this wrapping paper to make it fun and colorful. So I did, then and there, stopping whatever I was doing.

You can't see it in the pictures, but I also lined the top shelf (under changing pad). The width was exact with the table shelves. I just cut the paper to length and placed it on the shelf, it stays put without glueing. The colors in it match perfectly with other items on the table, as well as the kid's crib bedding. By the way her crib is in our room as well. I also changed the old basket and used the one from our dresser.

Now I can have this pretty table in our room until she is completly off diapers (we are working on potty training, slowly, very slowly). 

Total cost: $1 for wrapping paper, and I still have half of it left over.

I will try to list the sources of many items in my pictures from now on and provide links as much as possible because when I read blogs and like to reproduce something I have hard time finding the items unless the bloggers mention where they got them from. I love those who provide sources. So here is my first attempt.

Brown basket: Part of a pregnancy gift set from hubby
Laundry bin: Itso medium fabric bin from Target
Diaper Caddy: Babiesrus
Changing table: craigslist find (I have been very unsuccessful with finding stuff on craigslist in this town, but I did score big on few things like this changing table and portable crib).
Trash bin: Walmart (I don't miss expensive diaper pails at all. Just make sure this bin is emptied often i.e., every 2 days in initial months and every week now.)
Changing pad & cover: Babiesrus
Shelf Lining paper: Gift Wrapping paper from Target dollar section

Have a great weekend.

Art of Hearts

I did this couple of months back, but just posting now. Long time ago, I guess a year or more, I was looking for something on craigslist (which I am trying very hard to remember, but no luck) and found a listing, contacted the owner and went there, the item wasn't what I wanted or something, I seriously can't remember, but since I went there anyway, I browsed the other items they had for sale as the young couple were moving out of state (to HAWAII! this I remember). I picked up 2 long frames ($5 each) and some succulents ($10 I think).

I have to say, I bought them just so I don't disappoint them, I didn't really like them. I had been planning to spray paint and put something in those frames for all this time and finally I did it. With inspiration from Megan @ Honey were Home, I cut out some hearts out of different shades of orange paint chips with crafts punch. You know Orange/Saffron is the main color punch in our living room (not as punchy yet, I am still working on it). It took a lot of cleanup and 4 rounds of spray painting (my first spray painting job, I hated the smell) to make them look acceptable. I cut a white poster and used it as background and attached the hearts on the glass using sticky foam pads instead of glueing them inside the frame. They gave a little dimension verses making it look like a print.

I just arranged different shades of hearts in random manner. An Ombre effect would have been good, but the shades I chose didn't create a great ombre, so I just threw them randomly.

It's not a statement piece, but they look good, have color, and size/shape of frames fit the place they need to stay at. So they are staying until I find/ make something better.

Afterall, I don't feel very bad about the deal. For $10 in frames and $3 in foam pads and poster I got a pretty good art.

The plants didn't go to waste either. I planted them in a turquoise planter from Home Goods ($15) and it sits next to front door.

Since they are drought resistant, I don't have to worry about watering them regularly. I am terrible with that. I let so many plants die in planters while trying to pretty up the front of the house. Seriously! sprinklers are invented for people like me!

I need to change that doormat ha!

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