Friday, December 16, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

It truly is. I love Christmas season. It's festive everywhere. Everybody looks happy. The lights, the songs, the gifts, the food, the stress, the time off from work I love it all. So I try to make my house look festive during this time. We bought a 6.5 feet tree for our 2nd Christmas after we married and slowly built up my stock of ornaments and outdoor lights year after year. It may not be enough for most of you who have grown up celebrating Christmas season this way, but from where I came, this is a big deal. I am so glad I can do this and thankful that my husband shares the same enthusiasm. I make sure to send pictures to my Grandma every year, she is the reason I know Christmas and appreciate it as much as I do today.
Here is our tree in the living room that I adore.

And some of my favorite ornaments...

The Nativity set and White Santa with presents....

Dining Table centerpiece....

Family room...

I added some pinks and purples in the family room for baby, like this vase filled with purple ornaments and a tutu skirt wrapped around, a vase near fireplace filled with pinkish easter basket fillers.

We had some extra lights from outside that I placed inside fireplace to make it look like fire. Except for the green wire coming out of the fireplace and the extension cord, I love how the lights look like fire.

We don't have tree topper yet. May be for next year.

There it is. Christmas decor at our house. Simple, but special for us, especially since it is our baby's First Christmas.

Here is the cutie, getting ready to decorate the tree.

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Baby Toys in Family room

They are everywhere. It seems like yesterday that we came home with a baby so tiny and delicate and here she is already 9 months old, with a room full of toys. It seems to be impossible to keep the house tidy. I know, many of you are thinking, wait till she can walk and talk. I don't even want to think about it now. For now, I want to deal with the baby clutter i.e., toys and books all over the floor in our family room. So I bought an Expedit 2X2 shelf from IKEA. I actually wanted to get a 2X4 for under the window in her nursery for a while, but she is not using her nursery much right now. She plays in the family room while we do our chores and 2X2 will fit in well in our family room. So I bought that thinking if I ever wanted similar storage in her nursery, I could buy another 2X2 and put both next to each other (thats why I bought a white one). Or I may sell this on craigslist (which I never have good luck with) and buy the bigger one, who knows. As I said, for now, I need to tackle the clutter in family room.

It was perfect. The 2 colorful bins I had bought at Target for her toys fit into the cubbies, it looks pretty and clean.

I placed a tall vase filled with purple ornaments on this shelf and a tutu skirt I bought for her (@babies r us for less than 10 bucks) around the vase. Part of my holiday decor. Al her soft toys and rocker fit in perfectly in the other 2 cubbies. Love how it looks, and how clean the room looks.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family Room

I bought a new piece of furniture last weekend to tackle baby clutter in our family room. Before posting about it, I realized I never shared our family room pictures with you. So, here they are from back in September. It was much cleaner at that time, since the bean was less than 6 months old and wasn't so active.

Our open concept Kitchen and Family room. Sorry, no pictures of kitchen yet. I have to do some cleanup before I can show it to you.

Our beloved, kinda modern sectional. Me n Hubby are very particular about not to buy bulky furniture. By the way I painted that abstract art on the wall. I am an artist, ain't I? Ok, no kidding. I am not an artist, but I can make simple things like this out of my interest in art.

Here is the big TV, view from sectional. Sorry for the cross picture. It was intentional to avoid glare on TV from big open windows and doors. With so much light during the day its hard to take pictures in this room. That reminds me, did you notice the hideous window valances? No offense, but the previous owners (very sweet couple) had a theme for the house. Palm trees. More on that here.

I am sure you noticed my theme. Yes, I am going Green. more like the color Green. I gave each room an accent color while we first started decorating this home. We only had few things at that time so a single accent color in the room looked pretty. But now, as we started adding more stuff to each room, trying to match with the color theme, it is becoming too much of same color. So I am trying to mix up some like colors. That tiny blue vase in the built-in shelf is my attempt to mixing up blues and greens in this room.

So there you have it. Our family room. Where all the action happens. I'll be back soon with more readable matter about the baby clutter in this room.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Owlie Owlie...

Owls are everywhere these days. Its like the theme of the of the year. One of them made its way into our house too. I was window shopping at Z Gallerie during Thanksgiving weekend and spotted this Ceramic Owl coin bank. It was $12.95 and everything in store was 20% off that weekend.

I have been wanting to buy a piggy bank for my baby ever since I started planning her nursery even before she was born. But this Owlie changed my mind instantly. It looks more modern than babyish unlike the piggy. So at $11.16 (with tax), it flew home with me and is resting on our baby's dresser.

Did you know there is an Easy button?

I love finding deals on craigslist. I know lot of you do as well. Its my first go to place when I am looking for furniture. I feel there is not much inventory in our area compared to what people find elsewhere on craigslist, but that's a different story. I did find a portable crib, a changing station and a glider that I am yet to reupholster. But if you are like me, spoiled by Google images search, you might have thought countless times if there is a way to browse craigslist images only, instead of clicking on each post. Well, someone heard our wishes and made it possible.  CRAIGSEASY!!!

Apparently, its been around for more than a year. I found it late. No surprise, I didn't know about Pinterest until recently. Here is the interesting story of how this "Easy" button was born. Best part, it works with most classified sites. Happy deal searching!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Corky Vase

My Dad loves WINE and my husband loves to collect the corks. So everytime my dad visits (usually for couple of months) we stock up lot of vino at home. That leaves a lot of corks. I didn't know what to do with them until recently I have been in blog world. While I take time to make something with them, I decided to display them in a vase. I had some short square ikea glass vases so I arranged the corks in them. I decided to place it on the corner wine rack that my husband calls his mini bar (what better place to display corks than wine rack, right?), Since I accent our Living room with orange, added a trim at the bottom of the vase with an orange scrap paper.

Now, all I need to do is find an Orange rug, and some throw pillows, and couple of side tables and.... its a looooooong list. I'll get there, eventually.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Mobile update

The baby mobile I made as part of Fall Pinterest Challenge hosted by Katie and Sherry felt a little too empty. So I enhanced it by adding some circles I made with paint chips. I have read online that many people felt it is not fair to get paint chips just for using them for decoration, instead of using them for choosing paint colors. I felt a little guilty too. So I asked the guy at paint section in Home Depot if I could take couple of paint chips in 3 colors for a personal use. He gave me a 'You are funny' look and joked "Sure, but don't take all of them". It may have been strange for him to ask but I felt good that I took permission. Its just for personal satisfaction so when I tell people I took them from store they don't think I stole them.

Anyway, here are the before and after.

What do you think? Is it better? not so much?