Friday, April 19, 2013

Art of Hearts

I did this couple of months back, but just posting now. Long time ago, I guess a year or more, I was looking for something on craigslist (which I am trying very hard to remember, but no luck) and found a listing, contacted the owner and went there, the item wasn't what I wanted or something, I seriously can't remember, but since I went there anyway, I browsed the other items they had for sale as the young couple were moving out of state (to HAWAII! this I remember). I picked up 2 long frames ($5 each) and some succulents ($10 I think).

I have to say, I bought them just so I don't disappoint them, I didn't really like them. I had been planning to spray paint and put something in those frames for all this time and finally I did it. With inspiration from Megan @ Honey were Home, I cut out some hearts out of different shades of orange paint chips with crafts punch. You know Orange/Saffron is the main color punch in our living room (not as punchy yet, I am still working on it). It took a lot of cleanup and 4 rounds of spray painting (my first spray painting job, I hated the smell) to make them look acceptable. I cut a white poster and used it as background and attached the hearts on the glass using sticky foam pads instead of glueing them inside the frame. They gave a little dimension verses making it look like a print.

I just arranged different shades of hearts in random manner. An Ombre effect would have been good, but the shades I chose didn't create a great ombre, so I just threw them randomly.

It's not a statement piece, but they look good, have color, and size/shape of frames fit the place they need to stay at. So they are staying until I find/ make something better.

Afterall, I don't feel very bad about the deal. For $10 in frames and $3 in foam pads and poster I got a pretty good art.

The plants didn't go to waste either. I planted them in a turquoise planter from Home Goods ($15) and it sits next to front door.

Since they are drought resistant, I don't have to worry about watering them regularly. I am terrible with that. I let so many plants die in planters while trying to pretty up the front of the house. Seriously! sprinklers are invented for people like me!

I need to change that doormat ha!

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