Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Worked for Me! Protecting backsplash with another backsplash

Being addicted to Pinterest, I find so many tips & tricks to make life easier. Everytime I put a good tip to use I thank those that have come up with it and shared. So I thought I would share some of those tips & tricks that worked for our family, around the house and in our daily lives so others can benefit from them too. It could be something that I came up with or something I was inspired from or an idea from friends/family/Internet that I tried and benefited from. I will post them in a weekly series 'Worked for Me!'.  I will try as much as I can to maintain the weekly schedule.

Today's tip - Put a backsplash over your backsplash!

We were fortunate to have a house with pretty kitchen complete with backsplash, though not my style. It was an upgrade from builders when previous owners bought it, they chose light colored stone. I matched well with cabinets and flooring and looked nice.

But we knew we can't keep it that nice. We cook quite a bit so we knew there will be a lot of splatters that will stain the grout and make a greasy mess. So my husband came up with a brilliant idea of putting a stainless steel sheet over it right behind the cooktop. Easy to clean, reflects light and looks modern. I was sold. He had a piece cut to size and mounted with Command strips. It has been 5 years and it is still holding up strong. Above all, it's a breeze to keep it clean. 

It doesn't show as well in the pictures. It is really hard to take pictures of this space because of bright daylight all day long. Can't complain though. I love lot of light in the house.

You could keep it for day to day and take it off when you are having company/parties. We chose to keep it on because it looks good.

I am guessing a peel & stick stainless steel film like this one will work as well. Make sure it is wipeable and heat resistant.

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