Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boring Thermostat or Pretty Thermostat?

I have been introduced to Pinterest recently and while I was browsing through it first time I saw this awesome idea of Embellishing Thermostat by Lauren from All Things Homie. It was brilliant. So I was in hunt for a perfect picture frame for this. I found one at my recent trip to Homegoods at $6.99.

I definitely wanted to change the color, but I didn't have my heart set on any. I picked up some clearance paint samples at homedepot a while ago for 50 cents each. One of them was pale green and another some antique-country looking blue. I gave them a try on the back of the frame and blue looked much better. So I started painting with a small brush.

Half way through, I found the 'not so perfectly covered in paint' look of it, but I have already painted one section of it so I continued. I expected it to be quicker process, but with all the nooks an crannies, it took a lot longer than I thought. I wished I went with the not so perfect look, or spent a couple more dollars for a spray paint. An hour later, I have completely painted the frame and it looked like this. It wasn't glossy paint so the finish was more rustic.

After being hung on the wall with my usual Command picture hanging strips, it looked awesome. Boring Thermostat? not any more. It received an awesome facelift, thanks to Lauren. I am your latest fan Lauren.

Its off center on the wall. I am trying to figure out a way to make it more strategic, than just something hung on the wall with no vision. May be another empty Frame like this? May be in a different color? I don't know, any ideas?

UPDATE: I have added more frames to this wall. Check it out here & here.


  1. It turned out great! I love the vibrant color you chose and it fits your thermostat perfectly!!

  2. **why** can't they put the thermostat in a place that doesn't scream for attention? no logical answers, please - it's all about looking pretty! your transformation is fabulous!

  3. I know, Why can't they? But it gave us a chance to be creative, I guess.

  4. I would suggest giving it a sense of balance by getting a second frame and painting it the same color. Place it on the wall up and to the right. Not as high as the top of the door frame and equal distance from the doorway on the right. Make sense? I hope so. It looks fabulous!!

  5. I am thinking I will do this but, I am going to use vinyl and my silhouette cutter to put a design on my thermostat! great idea

    1. That should be very pretty. I will be interested to see that. Please share a picture if you can.