Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day School Gifts & Free Printable

I literally finished these gifts at 10.51 PM last night. I am a planner to certain extent, still I am always rushing things at the last minute. I need to work on it. But these came out really good, thanks to the folks that give free printables of their work.

Weeks ago I browsed Pinterest for non candy school gift ideas and landed here.

After reading through I started to make my own printable on Picmonkey. I followed the pattern from the inspiration but changed up font and added hearts instead of bubbles.

The original printable is lovely as is, but if you need a variation and not in mood to create your own, here is my printable for free download.

Now for the twist, having this printable ready weeks ahead, I thought I had it all under control and didn't finish the project until last night. When I got my bubble tubes from Micheal's on my way back home yesterday (by the way, another perk of procrastination, I couldn't get the colorful tubes as planned, all I could find were white ones in wedding isle) and set to print at 9 PM last night, I was out of white card stock. I only had 4 pieces of card stock and I need to print 30 of these for everyone in the kiddo's class. Since I made the printable at 4X6 size, no way I could use it to make enough. Back to pinterest again, this time to one of the ideas I already pinned. Kaley's Valentines Bubbles were so adorable, simple yet sophisticated.

My 4 pieces of white card stock were just barely enough to make 30 gifts when I used Kaley's printable. Again, thanks to the folks that give free printables of their work. Big help to people like me. That's the very reason I share mine.

Here are the finished ones. I used washi tape to save me a step of punching holes for twine.

See those white lines on the colorful border? That's my printer. Need to change it big time. Now I am glad I didn't use my original printable, because there would have been lines all over it. This size, I could live with it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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