Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Frame + Fabric = Wall Art

I wanted to put an art on the entry way wall in our living room. Since I was going for Orange accent in this room, I looked at many framed pictures, paintings, different wall decors, what not, that had a strong punch of Orange. But none of them fulfilled my criteria: "Beautiful and Economic". So I decided to make my own. First I thought of some freehand painting on a canvas. I couldn't find the right size I was going for. I needed something long and narrow so I can hang it horizontal and put a console table underneath (may be not in near future, but someday). While I was looking at canvases and strolled through picture frame aisle in Micheals, I spotted a collage picture frame. It has brushed nickel finish (matches our dining table metal finish, it is a living and dining room), long and narrow (matches my vision for this art) and 40% off at $15 (Cheap!!). It can hold 3 pictures and I thought I could put a bold designed card stock in those picture slots. So I bought it. I couldn't find any card stock I like, so just bought the frame. On my way home I got this idea. Why not take out the collage mat and put an orange fabric with nice print in the whole frame? Then I remembered a fabric I saw at Ikea that I wanted to buy for a throw pillow case. Perfecto! I did a happy dance in my mind. By the way, did I mention I LOVE Ikea? Following week I drove to Ikea during my lunch break (no I am not crazy, it's just closer to work) and bought the fabric. I don't need a whole yard if I could use it vertically, but the print on the fabric was horizontal so I had to buy a whole yard to show it properly in the frame. So I did, @ $7 a yard. Here is the end result.

$15 Frame + $7 Fabric = $22 Beautiful, one of a kind art work

Bonus: If I am bored of the art or decided to change the color scheme, I can change it up by replacing the fabric. I can even reuse this fabric for something else, since I just folded up all the extra fabric inside the frame instead of cutting it to fit the frame.

If you have done any similar DIY art work using frames and fabric, I would love to see, and even try it myself. Please share.

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