Monday, October 31, 2011

Master Bedroom: Dressing up the Dresser

We upgraded our sloppy-queen-matress to a Cal-King Mattress, along with a Bed - Headboard and Dresser set. Technically the bed and dresser are not from same collection. The bed was from Perspectives collection by Legacy furniture. It was solid wood and we liked the dresser in that collection as well. But it was too wide for the corner in our bedroom that we wanted to put it in, so we picked another piece (can't remember the collection/manufacturer) with clean lines and matched the rich espresso finish of the bed. It wasn't solid wood, particle board I guess, but it was cheaper, matched the bed and right size, so we bought it. This is how the dresser looked with wrought iron knobs.

I liked the modern shape of the dresser though knobs were not my favorite. So I changed them with clearance priced brushed nickel knobs from Target. And just like that, $15 worth of knobs have dressed up a $300 dresser.

I placed the oval shaped knobs vertically, instead of the usual horizontal way, just to break the routine and it does look better. By the way, that door next to the dresser is to the master bathroom. You can see how exact the dresser width is. The other dresser would have blocked the way a bit. I actually like the look of this dresser better than the other one, except the fact that its not solid wood.

We would have probably saved a lot by buying a used dresser on craigslist and refinishing it, but I was full term pregnant and we are novice when it comes to DIYing furniture. But I would like to do something like that for another dresser that I plan on for our Master Bedroom. Ladies huh... we can never get enough storage.

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