Monday, October 31, 2011

Quick & Easy Wall Decor

Before we moved in to our house, I had big plans to decorate it (may be not concrete ones). I was so eager to make it look pretty. I knew making it perfect will need some time, but I couldn't control the itch. So I did some interim decoration before I figured what I want to do in each room - paint or not, modern or traditional, blue or green, custom or out of the box ......
Coming from a 2 bedroom, 1100 sqft apartment to a 3 bedroom 2200 sqft house meant, I needed new things to put on walls, make Mr. Perfect buy some basic furniture and some inexpensive accessories. When I mentioned about my interim decorating thought to Mr. Perfect, he said "I will give you $100 per room, use your creativity and make them look pretty". Uhh... $100 per room? But we are not including furniture in this budget, so it may be possible. I must say, he makes me creative with challenges like this. Are you glowing with pride reading this honey?
Anyway, I am not planning on stuffing each room just yet. So a wall art here and a vase there should fit into the tiny budget. I used everything I had from our apartment but I still had some blank walls to fill. One of them was in the Master Bedroom. We didn't have a headboard for our then queen sized bed, so something substantial on that wall was an obvious choice. So I resorted to my good 'ol canvas. At 40% from Michaels, they were cheaper than any art I could find in that size. I am a little artistic, so I could paint something on a big canvas. But I have already done it twice and they are hanging in 2 other rooms (Guest Bedroom and Family room). Doing it again will be monotonous. So I went to Jo Ann looking for a fabric with bigger prints, in colors Blue/white/black/brown. Plan was, you got it, cover the canvas with printed fabric. I first strolled through the pricier drapery fabric section, which made me think - no point in spending $20-$40 a yard to cover a canvas. So I moved to $2-$3 and found a graphic pattern on a satin type fabric (may be not, I am a sucker when it comes to fabric types). $2.50 a yard. SCORE!!! That's how this baby shaped up. Just fabric stapled over a canvas.

I loved it so much. The scale was right over a queen bed (sorry I don't have pictures with it hanging over that bed). Colors were perfect. It served the purpose for 1.5 years, then, we bought a bigger bed in espresso finish with headboard. Now it doesn't fit in over the bed anymore (it is blue and black and the bed is walnut), but I am not quite ready to let it go. I will have to figure out what to do with it.

I may not be the first one to get this idea. Is anyone out there who has done similar things? Did you create wall arts with fabric or stretched canvas?

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