Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Greeting Cards Binder - Kids Birthday Cards

I have come across Greeting Card binders on internet and loved the idea of preserving precious greeting cards from special occasions. I have particularly seen many use this for cards received at their Wedding and for Christmas cards. We don't receive many Christmas cards and we didn't have many greeting cards for our wedding (we were married in a traditional way of our culture). But I did save my daughter's 1st birthday cards and we received many beautiful cards for her 2nd birthday recently. Though I can't save them from every year of her life, I thought keeping them as long as I can and as many as possible would be a good idea. I was planning on making my own but I stumbled upon shorter version of these binders at Target. They are perfect size for greeting cards and pretty too. But they were $5 each. I contemplated buying them for an hour while browsing the whole store and told myself, I might save a couple of dollars if I make my own, but I need to spend lot of time, plus it may not be as classy as this. So I brought the Orange one home. It looks classy yet whimsy with the gold dots.
I arranged the greeting cards by year and then by size, punched holes on them (lying, hubby did), put them in the rings and called it a night. Quick and easy. I plan on adding dividers, which I would like to personalize, along with the front of the binder. But it may be a while before I get to that. It still looks pretty as is.

This card was from 1st Birthday, I love how the Yellow/Lavender colors and the butterfly theme resembles her 1st Birthday party.

And this, from 2nd birthday, matches her Zoo themed 2nd birthday party. Love such coincidences.

My friend's 4 year old daughter made this cute card and sent all the way from Texas. Cards like this are the reason for this binder.

I like simple projects like this. They make me feel like I accomplished something, without having to put off the task for months or even years. My daughter liked it too, she flipped through it like a book, so its a win win.
I also found different binders at Micheals which could be a good fit for this type of project. They are from SN@P. But it rings pricier than Target ones even with a 40% off coupon ($14.99 originally). I did like the inserts for these binders that can be purchased seperately. I might try those for my dividers. Will keep you posted.

If any of you created greeting card binders to preserve your precious cards, please share the link in comments. I would like to know how I can improvise/personalize this.

Hope you guys are ready for extra long weekend. Sort of, even if you don't get to take off this friday. I am going to put together a quick and simple backyard party tomorrow. I will show you pictures if it turns out nice. If not, we'll just eat good food and enjoy good company.

Have a great 4th of July.

I will be back on Friday to share another free printable.


  1. Came over from Courtney's. What a great idea. We have a photo box (or two) for each family member that we keep our cards in. I love this however because it makes looking through them easier. And, I LOVE those little binders from Target (was looking for a reason to purchase them ;-)

    1. I keep my cards in a box too. But this binder method makes them look organized and pretty to look at, just like a photo album. I will have to start one for my cards. Thank you for visiting.