Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thermostat wall update

One of the most famous posts on this little blog is about framing our thermostat. But it was off center on the wall and I went back and forth on adding more frames to this narrow space. Finally I added couple more.

Colors in these pictures look darker than real life, sorry this is the darkest place in the house, no natural light at all. The top frame is from Ikea in metal finish. I added a patterned mat using some scrapbook paper and displayed the 3 hand painted strips I bought for a buck or two in Cancun on our vacation (best vacation EVER!). I saved them for 4 years for a perfect spot and finally it went on this wall.

The white frame is from Target. I loved the pattern on this. I framed the cake I made for my daughter on her 1st birthday. It has her name on it making it extra special.

These pictures really don't do justice, they look pretty good in real life. I am thinking on adding a vinyl text of some sort between the 2 new frames. Like this...

What do you guys think?

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