Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Treats - Another Glow in the Dark gift idea

Ok, I know Halloween is long gone and we are headed towards Thanksgiving, but I only finished this project at 11.08 PM on Thursday night for the Halloween party at school on Friday, followed by weekend full of family fun, Trick or Treating and rushing into the week, this is the soonest I could post about these. But hey, the whole point of this blog is documenting pretty and important things, so sooner or later, it had to be posted.

You remember the glow in the dark sticks I sent out for school friends last year?

Well, I do not like to give out candy to the little ones, even though they would eat all they can get. But I wanted to give them something that they like to use. The glow in the dark idea struck in my head that I brainstormed a lot on what else I could do similar. We were at a birthday party where the mom got kids bracelet kits. It was easy snap plastic bracelet rings with some lettered pony beads. I thought a glow in the dark version of it would be great, but I did not find lettered pony beads (with big hole to fit in the bracelet rings) that glowed in dark. So I went with colorful elastic threads. Here is the outcome.

You can't see it well, but I wrote 'I GLOW IN DARK' with flourescent pen ont he card I attached bracelet to. Just to let them know.

Surprisingly, I found all the supplies at Walmart. Yup, couldn't get them all at Micheals or Jo Ann, but Walmart came through at the last minute. Can you believe those adorable pouches are from Walmart too?

I am just so happy that this year's treats were also so colorful and useful for kids. All the compliments from Moms and Teachers was delicious-whipped-frosting on the cake.

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