Monday, November 28, 2011

No Sew Crib Skirt

I bought our baby's crib and crib bedding on clearance at Target. It was very economical, but the bedding didn't include a crib skirt. I have been planning on sewing one on my own. But with my sewing skills I knew it would be one long project. So I did some quick fix with a fabric I ordered for $3 a yard on

  • Cut the fabric according to the length of the crib and the height between crib railing and floor, adding 3 inches for seams. 
  • Hemmed the floor side of fabric with iron on hemming tape.
  • Attached the other side of fabric to inner side of crib railing using Scotch adhesive mounting squares.
Simple as that. After I am done with it I accidentally found this video on YHL blog which is very neat. (Now I know why they are famous, its all in the details). So to make my skirting more professional, I went to Walmart to get velcro wanting to replace the adhesive mounting squares with them. There were few choices, but there is one that was just 79 cents so bought it. Once I reached home, I cut an inch wide piece of both sides of the velcro and tried to attach it to the fabric. DAMN! There is no adhesive to it. I bought the wrong kind. It was a sew on velcro. I should have taken some time to read the labels and give it a thought before buying. Lesson learnt. I am not in mood to go back to the store for the right kind, so the skirt has to stay like that for now.

Did any of you do an unthoughtful purchase like this and din't realize until you are ready to use it? Come on, tell me I am not the only one.

Did you notice the cute little socks on the crib? A friend gave them for the baby, they were too cute to be used and outgrown in no time. So I stuffed them with some tissue paper and placed them on the crib. They look more like shoes to me. The skirt fabric actually ties in with the colors of the bedding I found for $35 at Target. I used the spare fitted sheet here, which also matches with the set, but the original sheet that came with it is pink and brown/green polka dots.

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