Monday, November 7, 2011

Master Bedroom: Work in Progress

In the 2 years we have been in this house, our Master bedroom has undergone decor changes few times, but after new mattress, bed, dresser and a baby later this is how it looks now.

The dresser had a slight facelift with different knobs than it came with. I have put a sheet of clear plastic closet liner on top of the dresser just to keep out any possible stains. Blue was always my dream accent color when it came to Master Bedroom and incidentally we got a tall vase as house-warming gift from a friend that had the perfect shade of blue (turquoise I should say). That's where my color inspiration for this room came from. I added another smaller vase that matches with it, along with a baby blanket and small rugs as doormats.

On the other side of the room I have made an easy fabric wall art and bought a throw pillow from Target that had the same shades of blue turquoise.

Now you know why I said "baby". She sleeps with us so its a lot more convenient to keep her changing station in our room.

The curtain panels are from Ikea. I had Chris Madden Draperies, Mystique Interlined in Seaside Blue from JC Penny in their place, but they were 84" and I needed 96". So I switched them out. These have the metallic shade that kind of mimics brushed nickel knobs in dresser and they were $50 a pair. I still have the old pair of drapes, I have to figure out what needs to be done with them. There is a wall of window and doors combo that I need to cover, so I may re-purpose them later.

The picture doesn't show our whole bedding, but the pattern on our comforter set also has lighter shade of blue turquoise. I am OK with the way this room looks right now, but not satisfied with it yet. Still have lot of things planned out. But it may take a few more years before its finished.

Here is what I want to do, in no particular order:
  • Try a different furniture layout (especially bed)
  • Paint atleast one wall in blue turquoise
  • Get another dresser
  • Decorate the bare wall opposite to big window
  • Move out baby furniture (definitely gonna take few years for that)
  • Add a mirror in the room
  • Paint the gold trim in ceiling fan to match with other metal accents in the room (better yet change the fan)
  • Add Window treatments (with decorative curtain rods)
  • Buy nightstands
  • Add some sort of seating, other than bed

I would love some ideas to make this room beautiful. If you have done any similar bedroom makeovers, especially in light turquoise, please feel free to drop a word.

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