Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quick Washi Labels - Cereal Dispensers

I am obsessed with Washi tape recently so I grabbed a tin full of them from Micheals when they had them for 40% off. Though I like the bright designs, I mainly like the simple ones because I like them to use as labels. This idea to use them as labels is from Jen's blog, I Heart Organizing. After reading her posts, I first used them on my file folders, which I loved. Then came the Cereal Dispensers.

We are not cereal-every-morning people, but we eat them about 3 days a week. Each of us have different choices (I know, just in a family of 3) including my 2 year old, so for now we buy 4 different kinds.

I think you can tell which one is the kid's favorite. I sneak in a 3rd of Whole grain Cheerios (Honey or Plain) in that colorful junk (sorry Fruit Loops lovers!). Mine is the healthy kind and Hubby alternates between Honey Bunches or Cookie crisps.


I just pasted grey Chevron Washi Tape strips (CHEVRON MADNESS still) wrote the names with Red Sharpie. They kept coming off so I added clear tape on top. Now they are going nowhere.

The best part, virtually cost free labels that can be changed when the contents change or mood. I am going to be using these labels a lot more around the house and you will read about them, stay tuned.


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