Monday, October 27, 2014

Kids Meal 7

School Lunch & Snack: Savory Pancake poppers (I make these with a batter made of indian lentils and rice and add in finely chopped veggies. Here is a sample recipe and the batter made for this could be used to make savory crepe, also known as Dosa. This or this pan should work for these), Pita Chips, Almond cookies and Rice Krispies cut in hear shape using cookie cutter, Pear slices.

Here is how I used to pack my child's lunch last year when she just started preschool. It was a reusable gift bag I found at Walmart.

She is older now so I pack a little extra lunch and more snacks. So this bag didn't work anymore. I switched to a lunch bag and a snack bag now and pack 2 thermos water bottles. I also include a milk box or juice in smaller thermos for lunch.

I will post pictures of her current lunch & snack bags soon.

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