Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Living Room

I have never posted pictures of our living room. It is the brightest room in our house with windows all around so it was very hard to take pictures. I tried my best with my minimal photographic skills and a basic DSLR.

I love this sofa and love seat. They are not too soft, not rock hard and the shape is lovely.

Those little pillows with flowers fabric were a quick diy to add some color and pattern.

This picture below gives you the view from Front door/ Foyer. The TV stand is out of scale for that huge room. It is from our apartment days. We didn't want to invest in a new one since we hardly use that TV and we like to have open space for the kid to run around. May be I should do something interesting on the wall to take the eye out of the miniature TV stand.

The oval shaped frame on that wall showcases a handmade doily by my husband's grandmother. She is not with us anymore but I am so glad my daughter could meet her.

 You might have seen my Arts of Hearts here. They are still hanging on this wall.

We use two leather storage ottomans as side tables. When we have young kids we could use as much concealed storage as possible, right?

This little triangle shaped table was from previous owner of this house. It fits perfectly in the little corner. It was Cherry colored wood, but we spray painted it black to match with rest of our furniture and I decorated it with a drawer knob from Anthropology. By the way, it is a fake drawer. Did you ever see such thing? First time for me!

That little orange chair was from The Container Store.

That rounds it up. It is not awesomely decorated room, but very open, airy and simple. Just the way we like it around here.

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