Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY Baby Mobile: Pinterest Challenge - Fall Edition

I am linking up this post to Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition hosted by Katie and Sherry. If you hopped from one of their blogs, please have a look around. I don't have a ton of posts yet and the blog template is still in works. I am new to blog-universe, bare with me and I appreciate any suggestions/comments.

Coming to the challenge, I have seen these easy pom poms while browsing through blogland and suddenly thought they can work well as a mobile. I didn't buy/make one for my lollipop.

Though I had her room ready before she was born, she conquered our bedroom 7 months ago and not plan to move to her own kingdom anytime soon. With her portable crib and changing station in our bedroom, I thought I should make a mobile for her that is not too girly/babyish. So this pompom mobile would be perfect. I headed to Michaels and bought felt sheets in 3 colors, blue (matching our Bedroom accents), pink and green (matching peanut's room accents). While I was walking in the store for more ideas, I stumbled upon pipe cleaners, in 3 shades of blue. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, but $1 with 40% off coupon, bought it anyway.

Then for the ring to hang the pom poms, I have looked at several options, but a laundry hanger came in handy.
I just twisted to make a ring and covered it with a $1 clearance ribbon from Michaels (also at 40% off) I actually bought blue and green ribbons, but one was enough and I used blue. Bonus, the ribbon had thin wire on both sides to keep it stiff, so I dint have to glue the ribbon to my ring, just twisted around the wire of the ring.

Now for pom poms, I have cut the felt sheets into circles and followed instructions from pinterest inspiration post. I actually cheated it a bit, I only used 8 circles and ditched the center circle. They still came out ok.

Can you see in the background what I have done with my pipe cleaners? Yes, I made flowers out of those, using 2 different shades of them per flower.

I made 6 flowers and 4 pom poms and attached them to the wire ring using fishing line and finally hung the whole thing from ceiling using a c-hook. This is how it looks finished. Ignore the shades in the back, I am still working on drapes for those windows.

And this is the baby's view, from changing station.

It looks ok, but it may look better if it was a little fuller. I have seen many mobiles with paint chips, so I am thinking of gluing some round paint chips along each fishing line. I will update when I do it. For now, lollipop is loving the new interest while being cleaned up/changed. 

How much did it cost?
3 felt sheets - 90 cents
pipe cleaners - 60 cents
Wire ring - free
Ribbon - 60 cents
Fishing line - $2.75
Total Cost - bit less than $5

Update: I added some circles to this mobile to make it look fuller. Check it out here

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