Friday, December 9, 2011

Did you know there is an Easy button?

I love finding deals on craigslist. I know lot of you do as well. Its my first go to place when I am looking for furniture. I feel there is not much inventory in our area compared to what people find elsewhere on craigslist, but that's a different story. I did find a portable crib, a changing station and a glider that I am yet to reupholster. But if you are like me, spoiled by Google images search, you might have thought countless times if there is a way to browse craigslist images only, instead of clicking on each post. Well, someone heard our wishes and made it possible.  CRAIGSEASY!!!

Apparently, its been around for more than a year. I found it late. No surprise, I didn't know about Pinterest until recently. Here is the interesting story of how this "Easy" button was born. Best part, it works with most classified sites. Happy deal searching!

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