Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family Room

I bought a new piece of furniture last weekend to tackle baby clutter in our family room. Before posting about it, I realized I never shared our family room pictures with you. So, here they are from back in September. It was much cleaner at that time, since the bean was less than 6 months old and wasn't so active.

Our open concept Kitchen and Family room. Sorry, no pictures of kitchen yet. I have to do some cleanup before I can show it to you.

Our beloved, kinda modern sectional. Me n Hubby are very particular about not to buy bulky furniture. By the way I painted that abstract art on the wall. I am an artist, ain't I? Ok, no kidding. I am not an artist, but I can make simple things like this out of my interest in art.

Here is the big TV, view from sectional. Sorry for the cross picture. It was intentional to avoid glare on TV from big open windows and doors. With so much light during the day its hard to take pictures in this room. That reminds me, did you notice the hideous window valances? No offense, but the previous owners (very sweet couple) had a theme for the house. Palm trees. More on that here.

I am sure you noticed my theme. Yes, I am going Green. more like the color Green. I gave each room an accent color while we first started decorating this home. We only had few things at that time so a single accent color in the room looked pretty. But now, as we started adding more stuff to each room, trying to match with the color theme, it is becoming too much of same color. So I am trying to mix up some like colors. That tiny blue vase in the built-in shelf is my attempt to mixing up blues and greens in this room.

So there you have it. Our family room. Where all the action happens. I'll be back soon with more readable matter about the baby clutter in this room.

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