Friday, December 16, 2011

Baby Toys in Family room

They are everywhere. It seems like yesterday that we came home with a baby so tiny and delicate and here she is already 9 months old, with a room full of toys. It seems to be impossible to keep the house tidy. I know, many of you are thinking, wait till she can walk and talk. I don't even want to think about it now. For now, I want to deal with the baby clutter i.e., toys and books all over the floor in our family room. So I bought an Expedit 2X2 shelf from IKEA. I actually wanted to get a 2X4 for under the window in her nursery for a while, but she is not using her nursery much right now. She plays in the family room while we do our chores and 2X2 will fit in well in our family room. So I bought that thinking if I ever wanted similar storage in her nursery, I could buy another 2X2 and put both next to each other (thats why I bought a white one). Or I may sell this on craigslist (which I never have good luck with) and buy the bigger one, who knows. As I said, for now, I need to tackle the clutter in family room.

It was perfect. The 2 colorful bins I had bought at Target for her toys fit into the cubbies, it looks pretty and clean.

I placed a tall vase filled with purple ornaments on this shelf and a tutu skirt I bought for her (@babies r us for less than 10 bucks) around the vase. Part of my holiday decor. Al her soft toys and rocker fit in perfectly in the other 2 cubbies. Love how it looks, and how clean the room looks.

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