Monday, October 28, 2013

Vitacost online store review

Has anyone been shopping at Vitacost?

I read about it in a magazine and coincidentally I saw it as seller on amazon for a high rated kids' juice box I was looking for (the brand is Froose, if you are interested). I visited their website and found a few other items (Justin's almond butter, tom's of maine children's tooth paste) that I had been planning to buy this week. Since I remembered from the magazine that this site offers $10 referral discount for both referee and referrer I googled and got one, but I had to spend $30 to get the $10 off, I added few more common staples like granola and organic lollipops and received the nice discount. I still had to pay 4.99 shipping but I still saved with that discount, plus the prices were much cheaper than the stores usually I shop. Justin's Almond butter would be $10.99 at our local Ralphs. Could have been higher at organic stores like Mother's Market. Vitacost has it for $8.75.

If you want a referral code for $10 off or $30, please click on the link here and click on unlock your offer button. Then register and you will have your code on screen as well as emailed to you. I will get a referral discount as well, if you register so thank you if you do.

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