Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween week series - Day3 - THE COSTUME

Today is Day 3 of my Halloween Series I started on Monday. I just wanted to show the costume I had ready for the kid. I bought 2 costumes on clearance ($7 each) at Carter's store last year just couple of weeks before Halloween. The little Lady Bug and a cute Lion.


My then 18 months baby fit into the bug perfectly. She looked so cute in it.

Though the pants of Lion costume were just right then, the top was little baggy and long. So I saved the Lion for later. I thought I could find a pant in yellow and it will work fine for next year. Fast forward to 2013 Halloween (how did that happen so fast?) the pants were too short. And I did not find yellow pants. The girl has always been on the skinny side so the only problem with old clothes is the height. She is tall, very tall for her age. so I had to do some patch work. Luckily the fabric was an easy find and more luckily, I had taken some sewing classes recently. Since the hoodie had orange, I attached an orange fabric in same type of material (I am not sure what that type of fabric is, may be Flannel) and it worked so well. Looks like the costume was made like that.

I haven't put it on her yet, because once she has it on, she doesn't want to take it off. She is into Lion King stories and cartoons these days so the timing couldn't be more perfect.

I am off for now, need to bring cookies for school tomorrow. But I will be back tomorrow to post about some treat.

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