Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Old Calendar update

I bought a calendar around christmas last year for Jul 2012 to Jun 2013 at the clearance rack, I think in Target. And I did not use it until Jun 2013. Around mid June, I started using it but only for couple of days. I felt bad to waste whatever little money that was spent on it. I liked the colors in it. Wish I had used it. Then I quickly realized, if I can change the days labels just a bit, I can reuse this calendar for this year. So I updated them with couple of colors of wash tape.

This calendar starts with Sunday, like most of the traditional calendars. I changed it to start with Monday. It worked out great that way since the actual week for appointments, chores etc. starts on Monday anyway. Now if I had to make the week start with Tuesday to make the dates work, then it would have been useless.

I used plain green wash tape first and then Pink Chevron to better cover the printed day underneath. It looks nice and matches with the colors in design. I had just handwritten the days on the tape with a marker. I still need to breakout the label machine from its package. Now for the year, I tried another washi masking, but it didn't look right. So I took a scrapbook flower and stuck it on 2012. I know which year I am in anyway, so I don't need to see it on the calendar.

Now the best part, I can reuse these washi pieces for remaining months. That's the beauty of washi tape, it peels right off. Just peel and stick as long as the glue allows.

I love it when something going to be wasted comes back to life. I am trying to work on a little command center area at our linen closet, which is where this calendar is hanging now from a command hook. I will post about whole area when it comes together.


  1. Great updates! Makes it much more exciting. I'm hosting a giveaway for two great pillow covers that you should enter!

    1. Thank You Kayla. I will surely enter the giveaway. Those pillow covers are lovely.