Thursday, October 31, 2013

Coat/Shoe closet organizing

We live in Southern California so coats are not much used here, so we use the coat closet to store our shoes. I had these ikea hanging organizers from our apartment days which always used to hold our shoes. I reused them when we moved to this home. Initially they used to have both me and my husbands. But eventually my collection grew and his stuff was kicked into the garage :) Now my daughter's collection is growing and I refused to move mine to the garage so here is how the closet started to look.

Time for some purging. I pulled all the shoes out and laid them on floor. And pulled out stuff that can go to Goodwill and trash in separate bags.

Can you see my daughter has almost as many pairs as me? Its my fault, I couldn't help because they are so cute, plus I buy them on flash sale sites so I just buy few pairs at a time in little bigger sizes so I don't have to run to store when a regular wear shoe doesn't fit anymore. Yes, their feet do grow overnight, at least it seems so.

Anyway, after some organizing, here is how the closet looked.

I used some shoe boxes to store socks and extra flip-flops for house guests. Orange and black ones looked ok but the other one had shoe company name all over it so used some wrapping paper to pretty it up. The remaining boxes are my Fall/Winter boots and the girl's bigger size shoes for future. 

And some simple labeling to know which one has socks and which one has flip-flops.

I added a small entry rug I had on the floor for some color. I also wrapped another shoe box in Target dollar bin paper which I used here (I reused that paper from changing table as we no longer use it. I am planning to repurpose that table for organizing, stay tuned for that post) and labeled it as 'Stinky Socks'. I bought this book for the girl called Yummy Yucky which tells well, whats yummy and what's yucky. It has stinky sock in that book. Now while removing shoes she can relate to that and put the socks in that bin.

I know I need to paint the walls in this closet. But overall it does look neat when it is organized. Now if only I can keep it that way.

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