Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween week series - Day1 - The PUMPKIN

Happy Monday everyone. Since this is Halloween week, just for fun, I wanted to do a series of Halloween posts each day this week. Nothing SPOOKtacular, just some BOOtiful things we have been doing in preparation for Halloween. I think it will be awesome to do this every year, but lets see if I can handle it. We'll take it one year at a time. For this week, this is the plan.

Monday - The Pumpkins
Tuesday - Getting Crafty
Wednesday - The Costume
Thursday - Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat?
Friday - Highlights of the TERRORific day

For today, lets talk about the big old Pumpkin. The little one went to pumpkin patch with daddy last weekend and brought 2 big pumpkins. One that she decorated there and one plain sows can carve. Carving it is not easy, I found out last year. 1st time carving a pumpkin, just a basic Jack O' Lantern I tried with a kitchen knife. It came out ok, but I didn't research on treating it so it was moldy and nasty in couple of days.  So this year I went with the trusted painting route. I initially wanted to paint my daughter's hand prints, but it was more fun letting her paint the way she wants. She loved painting. So taped some painters tape on the pumpkin and cut out her initial. Then I gave her some paints (blue of course or she won't paint) and let her have a blast. 

Once the paint dried a bit, I peeled off the tape and we have this.

The small pumpkins I bought from grocery store. You don't really see all the colors I gave her, red white, metallic grey, black and blue, She just mixed up everything and made it a nice purplish grey, which matches with our front door though.

Speaking of matchy matchy, look at the other pumpkin she made at the patch.

Some more shots at the pumpkin patch this weekend. The girl loved it so much last week, she wanted to go again this weekend.

See you tomorrow with some crafts I want to do for school goody bags.

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