Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grandma's Love

When I married the love of my life four and a half years ago, his grandmother gave me a cloth doily she handmade herself. My mother-in-law told me she gave one of these to every lady in the family. I thought its so sweet of her to make something for us with such love and affection, especially at this age (she is in her 80s). So I wanted to display it in our house. I bought a big oval shaped frame. Since the doily is white, I thought a bright orange background will make it pop and also add a punch of color in the room. I couldn't find orange wrapping paper so grabbed some plain orange fabric and used it as background. I initially wanted to put it as part of my picture collage, but the frame is bigger and also I thought it should be a piece of art on its own. So I hung it on the other wall opposite to my orange framed fabric wall art.

I try not to use nails to hang pictures just because I am not very perfect with leveling my frames and I hate to drill too many holes in wall. Plus, I like moving things around. So I use Command picture hanging strips. They are awesome. Easy to put on and easier to pull down. No mess, no fuss. Not as cheap as nails, but definitely worth for me.

I like how it turned out. Seriously, a store bought wall art can't compare to something like this that is beautiful and has sentimental value.

If any of you have preserved sentimental pieces and used it in your decor, please share. I would love to read about them. 

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