Thursday, November 10, 2011

When life gives Mums, Make a Bouquet

I don't have a green thumb, but when it comes to Mums and Tomatoes, I do pretty good. Truth be told, they don't need a green thumb. Whenever I need some flowers for our traditional festival celebrations, we buy Mums plants and after cutting the blooms, we plant them. So this time of the year we are over loaded with blooms in different colors and patterns (gardeners out there, pardon me for my non-gardner vocabulary). They look pretty in the backyard, but our house inside could use some of that beauty. So I started making a flower arrangement. This was my first attempt so I am not expecting to make it 30 bucks worth.

I had saved up couple of f;ower arrangment bases from our baby's first party. Basically, they are plastic bowl with foam taped on securely.

I started arranging the flowers on the foam, once all done, filled in the gaps with some leaves. We don't have a lot of plants with strong shiny leaves, so I just used some short jasmine branches. Rose leaves would have been ok too I guess.

I placed this on a vase I had from our last order of Edible Arrangments bouquet and the shape of it worked perfectly. I am pleased with the outcome. Not a match to professional $30 bouquet, but for $0, its pretty good. Poured some water so the foam could soak up and keep the flowers fresh for a while.

This is for you Mom. Happy Birthday!

Did any of you make flower arrangements with blooms from your garden? If so, can you share some tips for next time I have a bounty of blooms in my yard?

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